Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Big Brothers!

I never had a big brother. Ainsley sure does...and she thinks he is the greatest thing on Earth. Everyday, Ainsley's spot in Andrew's heart grows bigger and bigger...and as the mama, it is the neatest thing to see. Mostly Andrew is in her face singing or talking (at a very high volume level), but she loves it! She is always very interested in what he is doing...and usually tries to take over if she can get to him before he moves.
They laugh and play and squeal and roll around (since that is Ainsley's only form of transportation at this time!). I feel quite certain that is the reason Ainsley can roll so well is the fact she wants to keep up with her brother. The living room floor is officially her domain and Andrew couldn't be happier. He has someone to tower over. Despite the 900 times a day we have to tell him to get out of her face and leave her alone, he truly is a GREAT big brother!


Michelle said...

Those pictures of the kids are so precious! You can see the love. Ainsley is very blessed to have a big brother that loves her so much, and vice versa. And I love the new look of your page. Very cute!

Susan said...

I love the picture with Ainsley on the bottom -- what expressions in both their eyes!

Scott, Sara, and Sydney Nickson said...

cute new page and what a sweet brother!

Amanda said...

I am loving the new layout and header on your blog!

Can you believe the kids are getting so big?! I think Ainsley is looking more like her daddy these days.

Garyn started sitting up this week. He doesn't get up on all fours very often...usually he puts his head on the floor and gets his legs going and hauls over anything in his path. I am sure he gets this from Wes!

Miss you guys!