Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2010 Wildflowers!

God so blessed us with a gorgeous spring. His beauty and grandeur were out in full force, unavoidably obvious to anyone looking! Of course we had to go out and enjoy His creation. One Sunday afternoon, my parents and the 4 of us went out to find just the right spot for our family picture. We did not have to drive but 5 minutes and look at we found!
Don't let all this beauty fool you. Remember that it comes with a price! Here are the behind the scenes details that don't usually get published...sticker burrs!

This Kids Loves Dogs!

Ainlsey is a dog lover..to say the least. She has not met a dog she doesn't like. Whether it be Tuffy or Scooter or her stuffed animal, the girl just can't get enough.

What Does Your Family Do For Fun?

Ours tries to eat the small children!

Whitney was modeling her fat suit costume for a What's Eating Gilbert Grape class project. The look on Ainsley's face says it all!

Some Quality Poppy Time!

My kids have figured this thing out...they love their Poppy. And why wouldn't they! He takes the girl for rides on the tractor...good rides too! Not just sit on the tractor in the driveway kind of rides, but out the driveway and down the road kind of rides. As far as Andrew goes, Poppy has taken Andrew to Academy more times that Josh and I for baseball equipment. And Poppy doesn't just throw one or two pitches and then is done, no sir, Poppy and Andrew do not see the indoors much when the sun is up!

My children are very blessed to have the grandparents and great-grandparents that they do. There is no doubt that each one loves and cherishes them. Shoot, my mom even said if she knew how fabulous grandkids were, she would have started with them! (Now try to figure that one out!)

My Birthday Cake!

Poor Josh. I have been telling him for like 4 months that I would love to have an ice cream cake for my birthday...going so far as saving coupons for him. When we found out we were going to be in the Panhandle for my birthday, his poor coupon were not going to work for him, as they do not have a Baskin Robbins in Amarillo! But, did He let that stop him? Of course not. My Man came through for me once again, remembering to get my cake even after playing 18 holes of golf with Andrew. What a surprise. He did so good! Be sure to pay extra close attention to the candle he chose for the cake! And yes, the cake did originally have 4 peanut butter cups on it, but a little someone stole one before we could get a picture of it.

First Round of the Season

What is a boy and his golfing Daddy to do with a whole week off...well, get in some golf of course! Robbie, a gentleman that Josh used to work with at Church Loans, kindly offered to take Andrew and Josh out for lunch at the club and followed up by a quick round of golf. What was supposed to be just 9 turned into a full 18. Poppy went along to be part of the action! A good time was had by all, especially after the nap that followed!

Who Knew?

Josh and I have been married for almost 10 years. You would think I would be knowing just about all there is to know about him. Well, I learned a new while in the Panhandle. My Banker Boy knows how to operate and run a tractor! I know...pretty surprising for a man who prefers a suit to wearing jeans. Anyway, I was pretty impressed and so were the kids. After commenting to him just how impressed I was, he did remind me that he grew up in Lelia Lake, TX where most people are driving tractors before cars! :)

Little Miss Turns 2!

This is where she started...

And this is where she is now...

And what a fun journey it has been. She is a true delight! (so is her brother, but this is about Ainsley!) :) Little Miss Ainsley is so full of life. She loves to laugh, play, anything princess (especially her princess toes), and being with her brother...whether that means playing chase with him, fighting over something with him, or playing baby with him. It is hard to not see her and immediately break out in a smile. She is just a cutie patootie who grabs your heart and runs with it. She certainly has all of us wrapped around her little finger, especially her Poppop and Poppy. She just has a thing for those two!

Also while we were in the Panhandle, we had a joint birthday for Ainsley and Jaekob (Josh's sister little girl...our niece). The girls are five days apart. The weather turned out beautiful, a bit windy, but we were just thankful it was not raining. To the park we went for a hot dog cookout and play, play, play!

We sure love this little Girlie Girl!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Each day I pray that God will reveal Himself to me each day, make me aware of my blessings, and remember to give Him the glory for them. Well, on this particular day, not only did God answer that prayer, He spelled in out for my in sky writing...making sure I did not miss a thing!

I turned 35 this year. Age is not something that really bothers me, but this year I realized I am officially as close to 40 as I am to 30. I can honestly say that fact spooks me a little, but I got over it. Maybe this is why I keep running, unconsciously thinking that I can run the years off...kind of like Ferris Bueller thinking he can reverse the miles off the car he ends up killing!

This birthday was filled with so many blessings...my cup runneth over! For my birthday, we were going to be in Amarillo. My sweet husband secretly contacted my dear friend to organize a surprise dinner for me. Josh e-mailed Janelle we were coming and to ask her if she would contacting some of my other dear teacher friends for a dinner out. Well, that was all it took! Being the amazing hostess that she is, Janelle offered to have a dinner at her house. She contacted some of my very favorite people in the whole wide world, planned a delicious menu (beef tenderloin, baked potatoes with a toppings buffet, cheese bread, a very yummy salad, and homemade creme brulee), and set us all up in fashion at her gorgeous home!
It was a night I will never forget. There were 5 couples. Let me introduce you to the girls! Carey and I were teammates at Westover (the first school I taught at in Amarillo). She now stays home with her 2 girls. Elizabeth and I were teammates at Greenways (the new school I went to in Amarillo after Westover). She now lives in Lubbock with her family. They drove up and stayed in a hotel just to come play with us for the evening! Janelle and I taught math together at Greenways. She has some new, exciting opportunities in her future. Lisa and I taught math together at Greenways. She and her husband just adopted 2 beautiful children! Life has moved us to new and different places then we were originally in when we all met, but these are AMAZING women who have each blessed me and touched my heart. I love I get to call them friends.

All of this was a gift from my wonderful husband. He sure out did himself. It was priceless! Thank you to all of you for making my birthday on I will truly treasure.

Josh Moves On!

Josh has a new job! Let me be the first to say it, I was surprised as anyone that He would leave the Texas A&M System Offices...it A&M for Pete's sake! (Just kidding my Love!).

A bit of background: Josh is a member of the Texas Society of CPA's. While on their website, he noticed a posting on their job board for a Director of Finance at Scott and White. Scott and White has a health clinic here in College Station. There main hospital is in Temple, about 2 hours from here. It is actually where the Texas A&M medical school is located. Anyway, he went through the whole resume, interview, and wait process. Low and behold, they chose him (not that I was the least bit in doubt...Josh is awesome!).Josh started April 26th. He actually started as a Financial Advisor II and will hopefully promote up in the next year or two to the Director position...you know, the whole make sure we like you and you like us, good fit thing! Regardless, we are so very excited. It seems to be an amazing opportunity for him professionally!

It was with a bit of a sad heart that Josh said goodbye to the Texas A&M System Offices. It was a good job and the reason we came back to College Station. Here we are packing up his old office.

If anyone is in need of some packers/movers, the 2 on the left are all yours!