Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some Quality Poppy Time!

My kids have figured this thing out...they love their Poppy. And why wouldn't they! He takes the girl for rides on the tractor...good rides too! Not just sit on the tractor in the driveway kind of rides, but out the driveway and down the road kind of rides. As far as Andrew goes, Poppy has taken Andrew to Academy more times that Josh and I for baseball equipment. And Poppy doesn't just throw one or two pitches and then is done, no sir, Poppy and Andrew do not see the indoors much when the sun is up!

My children are very blessed to have the grandparents and great-grandparents that they do. There is no doubt that each one loves and cherishes them. Shoot, my mom even said if she knew how fabulous grandkids were, she would have started with them! (Now try to figure that one out!)

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Poppy and Gammie said...

Poppy is a simple man and he sure doesn't mind sharing that with his precious Grandkids!! All the money in the world can't replace some good old quality time.