Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

What a beautiful spring God has blessed us with. The weather is absolutely lovely...and we have had cabin fever! What better cure than to get out and work in the yard? And work we have done. Last year, we were not so on the ball. We had a garden, but kinda started it late, so it was just a tilled up corner of the back yard. Well, College Station is not known for its good dirt, so we (Josh) decided to build some raised beds in an attempt for more veggie success. He constructed 3 beds, with the help of his lovely assistants! We ordered some good dirt and it was delivered to our front door...literally! From the dirt pile, Josh hauled many a wheel barrel full to the back. I was purely the wheel barrel filler and the dirt pusher arounder, while Josh was the wheel barrel mover. Also, our friend Jeff came and helped too...which was greatly appreciated by me!!!

Once the beds were prepped and ready to go, we were ready to plant. This year, we planted most of our veggies from seed! The tomatoes, broccoli, and basil we started from plants, but the carrots, peas, green beans, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and cantaloupe all from seed. We are anxious to see how everything does! The kids really got into the planting! It is fun to watch them...they have loved this whole process. What kid wouldn't love to play in the dirt and the water? Now, from that list of items planted, let me say that I am the only one who will eat everything! the neighbors will be on the receiving end of many free home grown items!
Not only did we work on the veggie garden, Josh also put together an arbor we moved down here. We made the mistake of putting it all together before getting where we wanted it. Now let me tell you, this thing is one heavy hunk of wood. We ended up having to hoist it over the fence. Glad the neighbors were not out, because I am sure it was quite a comical sight! But after a short eternity we got it over and it sits in front of our gate waiting for some pretty vine to grow up it and be beautiful!

After the veggie garden and the arbor, Josh redid the front flower bed for me. Of course I did not like what was planted there when we bought the house and of course we riped it all out, only to start all over! He built a little retaining wall for me and filled it with the same good dirt we put in the veggie garden. Next, the garden fairy (aka. my mom) brought us a ton of plants from her and her neighbor's gardens. It is now so pretty and everything is growing and filling in!

In between helping move dirt, plant seeds, and building an arbor, the kids have so enjoyed being outside and soaking in the sun.

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