Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Wedding Season!

We have had two weddings in the past two months, hence two trips to the Panhandle of Texas. Aside from the million hour round trip, we so enjoy going back to visit! It is safe to say that both of these weddings were unique! The first it snowed for and the second took place in Palo Duro Canyon. Not much else will top them.

What fun, what fun...a big time was had by all! Who doesn't like to go to weddings? Everyone gets cleaned up, dressed up, and parties down! Not to mention all the yummy cake. Speaking of cleaning up, boy do we do it good! Not only did Ainsley get a new dress (as modeled below), but Andrew got his first suit!

Boy does he look sharp. And what first suit is not complete without a puppy playing ball tie? He and his Daddy...the suit men.

Regardless of how many weddings we attend, I am still glad to be where Josh and I are in our marriage! It makes me very thankful and reminds me of just how blesses I truly am.

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