Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finally a Party

My sweet Andrew turned 5. Can you even believe it? It happened back at the beginning of December, so one would think I'd be a bit more able to grasp the fact than I am. Crazy...just crazy how time flies. His party was on the 6th of February and I was actually our 2nd attempt at his birthday party. We had originally scheduled it in December, had invitations out, family coming down from the Panhandle, everything in order...right up until the Friday before his party on Saturday when he decides to run 104 fever. Bummer! We canceled and tried it again.

One can never tell what the weather will be doing in February. We have had LOTS of cold and rain, so scheduling a party a the park seemed doomed from the beginning. Well, my little family prayed the sun to come out and it did...for 1 day, the party day. The weather was absolutely beautiful. Our sweet friends and family gathered at the park to help us celebrate!
Andrew wanted a Scooby Doo party. So we Scooby Doo'd, complete with a mystery! To kick it off, the kids made a set of Scooby Doo ears. While they were working, someone stole the birthday cake!!! Thankfully, they left a clue. To find the cake, the kids had to drop Scooby Snacks into a jar until they came across the next clue. While dropping his Scooby Snacks, Elan found us the next clue hidden in his bone!
After the Scooby Snack drop, we got a clue about mummies. The kids had to wrap Caleb and Jasmine into toilet paper mummies in search for our next clue! After wrapping, and wrappping, and wrapping, Andrew found our next clue!
The mummy wrap led us to the body parts laboratory! The kids had to reach into a sack and decided what each "body part" really was. We had witch's fingers, werewolf intestines, bat brains, eye balls, and a Frankenstein's brain. They ended up being carrots, spaghetti, raisins, pelled grapes, and cauliflower! Luke found our next clue hidden in the bat brains.

After the body parts laboratory, we headed off for a scavenger hunt. Each kiddo was responsible for finding 2 ghosts, a bat, and a Frankenstein. Emily saved the day by finding a ghost that revealed that cake was hidden in the trunk of our car!

Sure enough...these meddling kids solved the mystery and everyone enjoyed some Scooby Doo cake. What a fun time we had and what beautiful weather to go with it!

Happy Birthday Little Man. (2 months after the fact)

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