Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Game the Wasn't!

Gammie and Poppy came to visit. They wanted to see Andrew in action on the basketball court. They arrived on a Sunday, the game wasn't until Tuesday, so we had some time to play.

Monday we ran some errands. Gammie has 2 weddings she is planning, so we helped with some wedding shopping! After errands, we decided to play Putt-Putt (I bet you can guess whose idea that was...Mr. Andrew). College Station has an indoor, black-lighted, western-themed course that Andrew just LOVES. Well, who knew the dark horse of the group would be Gammie. She gave Little Man a run for his money, with Poppy close on their heals. Ainsley was purely along for cheating purposes. She was kind enough to help your ball in if she deemed it close enough to the hole!

While on our wedding errands, we went by Hobby Lobby. Andrew does not care for Hobby Lobby...he says they have "borrrring" stuff. Poppy told Andrew they would go look for the young men's aisle. Look for and found! Poppy treated Andrew to his first model care kit. A Lamborghini...Poppy informed us Andrew has expensive taste! Here is the final product:
On Tuesday, Josh took off work and we all took the trip 45 miles south of here to Brenham...the home of Blue Bell ice cream!!!! No one had ever been, so we decided to take a tour of the factory. What a neat experience. We would recommend it. You get a cool hat like Andrew has on in the snowy picture, plus you get a huge scoop of your choice at the end. On the way home from Blue Bell, it started to snow. Let me say that again...It started to snow. It is February, in College Station, and it is snowing big cotton ball flakes. Well, it didn't take long and everything in College Station was canceled for Tuesday evening...including the ball game Gammie and Poppy had come to see! BITTER, but we did get some good snowy pictures out of the deal!

You can't be in the Shield's house long without one or both children bringing you a book to read. Andrew has started reading some on his own! There is a series called Bob Books. They are great for beginning readers. Here Andrew is reading TO Poppy! And little Miss Ainsley has stacked her spot at Gammie's feet, looking at an I Spy book!

Game or no game, we sure had a good visit! Being 8 hours away, we do not get to see them that often, so we treasure the time we do get! Thanks for coming Gammie and Poppy!

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