Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Right of Passage!

There was just some sort of nostalgia that came over me when I saw Andrew ride his "big boy bike" for the first time. A new found freedom for him. Such a right of passage. This is a skill he worked so hard to learn...one that he will have for the rest of his life. As the cliche says, "Its just like riding a bike..." The grin on his face says it all. He is so proud of himself!

He has been able to do this for a while now...as you can see the Santa Clause in the neighbors yard. I forgot I had not blogged about it. So, once again...for the grandparents to whom I promised the video. With no further ado:


Poppy and Gammie said...

It must be the Aggie helmet that helped him through this task!! Andrew really is determined to accomplish whatever he sets his mind to complete. I wonder where he got that from??? So very proud!!

Gail said...

OMG - where did you find the A&M helmet?