Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Home Season Comes to Close!

Gotta love you some Aggie Women's basketball...well, the Shields family does anyway. We were devoted season ticket holders, yet again this year, to see our Ags in action. This year our tickets were right in front of a section (in the cheap seats of course), so we had lots of room between our seats and the railing in front of us. Also, our seats were right by the band, which the kiddos enjoyed dancing to, and dance they much so that we only missed being on the big screen 3 of the games.

Each February, the Aggies do a pink out where the proceeds of the t-shirts sales are donated to breast cancer. Here we are in our pink...well, all except Andrew. He doesn't own much pink and the t-shirts the Aggies sold were only adult sizes.

The kids got more into the games this season. I think it helped that our seats were closer to the action this year. When one of the Aggies is shooting free-throws, the students all quietly hold there arms up. Well, our two wanted in on the action and would hold there arms up as well. Ainsley would even turn to me with her finger up to her mouth and shhhh me before holding up her arms. It was pretty cute!

When the Aggies get the ball back after a turnover or an out-of-bounds, the announcer always yells "Aggie's Ball!" very enthusiastically and then the crowd echos it back. Here is Ainsley, up on the railing, yelling "Aggie's Ball" along with the rest of the 12th Man.

Here we are down on the floor after the last home game! Such fun times...always a bit sad to see the home season come to an end. We just love those girls!

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