Monday, March 8, 2010

The Lakers in Action!

To all the grandparents out there to whom I promised this video.
So sorry for the delay, but your wait is over.

Here is our Little Man and his teammates in action. Please notice a couple of things as you watch: (Andrew is #5!)
1. After one of Andrew's teammates gets his own rebound, Andrew steals the ball from him! We have discussed this with him and SHOWN him the video of it...he will work on being more of a team player!

2. Our one and only girl, who makes a shot in the video, was our team MVP at the end of the season! She carried the team. :)

3. One of my favorite moments is #4's celebratory cartwheel. Every team needs a cheerleader/player like him!

4. I love how proud Andrew is of himself after making his shot...even though his Daddy snubbed his effort to get a high five afterwards. Poor Josh, he was busy getting them back to play defense. After seeing the video, he feels pretty bad!

(So sorry for the grainy video...I had to edit it a bit to make it small enough in memory size to upload!!)
Now that the season is over, we sure had a good time! Andrew really enjoyed playing and his team seemed to improved greatly as the season went on. The Lakers ended up 2-4-1, with our 2 wins coming at the last two games. We just ran out of games to win...

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Poppy and Gammie said...

What a great Video Sam!! We watched it over and over and keep saying "That's our Grandson put a ball in his hand and he works his magic". So Proud of Andrew.....okay Josh you did a good job as well!! Way to go coach Shields!