Monday, September 21, 2009

And The Rains Came!

College Station has been blessed with several days of rain. Boy, did we need it and the tempertaures sure have come down. The only bad thing is, the kids have been cooped up inside for several days. What better cure for cooped-up-ness than to go out and enjoy all the rain God has sent. And enjoy they did! Andrew and Ainsley ran, played in the down spouts, swang, slid down the slide, took a break from the rain in the fort, and just had a grand ole time. I loved seeing all the smiles and freedom that came along with their new found fun!

A Big Time Was Had By All!

So sorry to be still stuck in August, but time is getting away from me way too fast. We had such a fun summer! Lots of travel and visiting with family. Our latest trip was to Albuquerque for Josh's dad retirement!!! How exciting. We all gathered to celebrate his great accomplishment. In getting there, Ainsley had her first experience with flying! The first leg of the trip was not too swell...she ended up being "that baby on the plane who cried a lot." One businessman had to put his sound-proof earphones on to escape. Unfortunately, Josh and I were not so lucky so we just endured her screams and tried to entertain as much as possible. She was fine with the flying, it was being contained that got to her.
Thankfully the first leg was short and we got to Dallas and on our way again...she fell asleep! We all did...quite worn our from all the excitement! Once to Albuquerque, we had a BIG time. A retirement ceremony, lots of cake, the zoo, the aquarium, the science museum, the pool, cousins, what more could we ask for!
Thanks Gammie and Poppy...we love you!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Words of Wisdom!

Isn't this just a face only a mother could love? Andrew is fascinated with getting his picture taken while making funny faces...this is his latest. Also, here are some Andrew'isms I couldn't help but share.

Aggie football has started with all nights games. While at the game on Saturday, part of the stands at Kyle Field was taken over by crickets. It was a section just under the big lights so there were tons and tons of other bugs swarming the lights. Andrew was obsessed with looking through Pop Pop's binoculars to see what ended up being quite a show of bugs.

Andrew: "Mama, you have got to look at all these bugs. I think there is a million of them!"
Out of NOWHERE comes this horrible shrieking noise.
Me: "ANDREW, why are you making that horrible noise?"
Andrew: "I am calling the bats to come eat all those bugs!"

Josh and Andrew spend a good part of Sunday afternoon watching football.
Andrew: "Daddy, who are the Steelers?"
Josh: "They are from Pittsburgh...the Pittsburgh Steelers."
Andrew: "What did they steal?"

What do you do with a girl?

God gave me curly hair for a reason. He knew I would never be coordinated enough to use all the equipment needed to maintain straight hair. Well, He also gave me a sweet baby girl whose hair is getting so long she looks like a little rag-a-muffin. I was feeling so very self-confident about her looking un-kept that I stepped out of my comfort zone to do something about it. I put her hair up in a top pony tail. This is my first attempt! Not too bad...I am getting better each time and Ainsley is sooo patient with me. She sits very still and lets me take all the time I need.

Ainsley is very much a girl. She would stand on her stool, look in the mirror, and either brush her hair or brush her teeth all day if you would let her! I just love it. She is coming into her own personality, very different from her brother who is definitely all boy! Here she is in her favorite shoes. She just prances and prances on her tippie toes showing them off to whomever will notice! Such a big girl.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Walking for a Cause!

My maternal grandfather, Kenneth Post, was every bit of 6 feet 4 inches tall. He was a proud, strong, broad chested man who worked his whole life at Allis Chalmers, a tractor plant in La Porte, Indiana. Despite his grandiose stature, when he opened his mouth to sing, angels stopped to listen! What a gift he had.

I wish I had more memories of him, but my grandfather suffered from Alzheimer's. It robbed him of more time with us, his memory, his physical being, and his pride. What a horrible disease. Upon hearing the name Alzheimer's, it does not take long for most of us to conjure up loving thoughts of someone taken by this awful disease.

Please join me in the fight to find a cure for this mind-crippling disease. A dear friend of mine whose grandmother was taken by Alzheimer's has put together a team of us to take part in a "Memory Walk.". My goal is to each raise $200 for this awesome cause.
Please join me in supporting a great cause by making an online donation at: I appreciate your sponsorship in what I know is a hard time for all of us.