Monday, September 21, 2009

A Big Time Was Had By All!

So sorry to be still stuck in August, but time is getting away from me way too fast. We had such a fun summer! Lots of travel and visiting with family. Our latest trip was to Albuquerque for Josh's dad retirement!!! How exciting. We all gathered to celebrate his great accomplishment. In getting there, Ainsley had her first experience with flying! The first leg of the trip was not too swell...she ended up being "that baby on the plane who cried a lot." One businessman had to put his sound-proof earphones on to escape. Unfortunately, Josh and I were not so lucky so we just endured her screams and tried to entertain as much as possible. She was fine with the flying, it was being contained that got to her.
Thankfully the first leg was short and we got to Dallas and on our way again...she fell asleep! We all did...quite worn our from all the excitement! Once to Albuquerque, we had a BIG time. A retirement ceremony, lots of cake, the zoo, the aquarium, the science museum, the pool, cousins, what more could we ask for!
Thanks Gammie and Poppy...we love you!

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