Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Home Season Over

A sad day in Aggieland...well after this season it was a sigh of relief...the last home game of the 2008 football season has come and gone. My boys will be home on Saturdays! For a handful of years, Josh and I had season tickets in Amarillo and made the treacherous commute for every home game. We made the mistake last year of bringing the little man to some games. He is now as addicted as we are. Well...can you believe that we actually live in College Station, with NO commute, and I don't get to go to the games.
Andrew has taken over my season ticket. His favorites are the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band, playing football on Kyle Field with Daddy after the games, and the blue snow cones. He usually ends up napping for at least a quarter. Andrew keeps asking when we will get to come...I guess next year we will get 4 tickets and a good time will then be had by ALL!

Its the Footprints that Matter

God has really been working on my heart lately and it is raining out so I felt compelled to sit down and share it with you. Well...for all of you who do not know, I am a bit OCD...a type A personality I think they call it. Let me explain. In our first house, we had a wood floors. In our second and third houses (yes...we move a lot) we had Berber carpet. In our College Station house, we have my favorite kind of carpet. The kind of carpet that shows the vacuum marks!!! I love that. It just gives me a sense of accomplishment and clean when I can stand back and see the vacuum marks. I'm so OCD, I see how long it can be before I just HAVE to walk across the carpet and put footprints on it. Well, try convincing a soon to be 4 year old to stay off the carpet because Mommy wants to see the vacuum marks. Before you think of admitting me, let me get to the good part. Every Thursday there is a group of us that go to Story Time at the library and then go to McDonald's. Over lunch, the conversation led to people who have lost children. That really struck me and made me rethink some things. I used to get frustrated with Andrew when he would run after the vacuum or try to beat the vacuum with his football or play limbo with the cord while I was vacuuming. God put on my heart to rethink this...I have a healthy 3 year old who LOVES when I vacuum as much as I do...obviously for very different reasons. I should stop and be thankful I am blessed to have those footprints and forget about the vacuum marks. Just a thought that I need to spend more time focusing on and seeing just how long it is until I HAVE to vacuum over them.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

All Kinds of Busy

It is so hard for me to believe, but our baby girl is already 6 months. It is amazing to me the personality they can develop in that short of time. She is such a bright spot in all of our days. Andrew sees her in the morning and declares, "There's our girl!" I think he loves her the most...he can not get enough of her and is just so excited that she is able to do more and play more! Here is her newest toy. It is a walker rocket ship that makes way fun noises and let's her scoot around (yes...I know they are not supposed to scoot around, but we have no staircases in our house and I am sure not to leave the cookware handle hanging over the stove top!). As you can see though, none of those features are what draws her to the is the poor star that get gnawed on 24/7.
This is her favorite spot...especially when her brother is sitting her eating his breakfast or lunch. As Andrew claims, she is "bothering" him! She loves this table and being under it is just the coolest thing for a 6 month old.
Another one of her favorites, my least favorite, is shoe strings. She will chew on the dirtiest, nastiest shoestring until you pull it away from her. I find her in our closet several times a day looking for her next tasty treat. YUCK-O!
Sitting...she has not yet mastered getting to this position on her own, but she can maintain it for a while once she's there! Not her favorite though...I think she is bored. She just looks at you like what now...are you just going to leave me here?
Another one of her new tricks is pulling up. As you can see her, it is not a pleasant time, but one of the first times she performed her new trick. She just makes it up to her knees, which was plenty far enough to constitute us having to lower her mattress.
Ainsley passed her 6 month check-up with flying colors. The only thing was she had another ear infection. Let me tell you what a good mama I am. I thought the ear infection/snotty nose was due to allergy or weather related stuff. They put her on some Omnicef, which Andrew had also been on and did not do real well with. It gave him awful diaper rash. Well, she got awful diaper rash also, which I attributed to the medicine. On Monday (Nov. 3) , Ainsley was playing with Andrew's fingers and sticks them in her mouth. He yells, "SHE HAS A TOOTH!" And sure enough...all the things I thought were weather/allergy related were actually tooth cutting related. Poor girl went through trauma and we were all oblivious! Yes...mother of the year award right here! All this to say Ainsley got her first tooth. It is on the lower, left front. Yeah!
So after the first tooth adventure on Monday, she starts to crawl on Tuesday! It has been a big week at our house. Ainsley has been inchworm scooting for about a month now, but she finally figured out how to get her arms into it! Such excitement...the whole house is now her domain!

Trick-or-Treat Day

What fun was had by all. Andrew knew it was Halloween and knew he got candy...somehow...but was not really sure still about the whole process. Here they are! Posed and ready to go. Andrew was not real keen on the green painted nose...he has a thing about face paint (go figure, I wonder where he gets that from), so it took some convincing. He was all for it when he heard Sister was too little to have her face painted, only big kids get that.
Off to beat the sidewalks! We have found one flaw with living in a College town. Our neighborhood is not very collegey, but we do have several houses on our block that are owned by students (well, really their parents). When Halloween is on a Friday night, not many of those college kids are home to trick-or-treat at! So no matter how cute of a frog you are, no candy there!
Sister was not really too worried about the situation. She has basically just along for the ride. No matter what time of the night it was, here is what Ainsley was doing.
Well, until too far into the night and she was tuckered...enough trick-or-treating for her.
Never fear though, we did find some houses! I babysat for a wonderful family during college, who still live here. We went to visit them and they walked through the neighborhood as we trick-or-treated around. This is really the first Halloween that Andrew has gotten into trick-or-treating. He did a good job, actually striking up several conversations with random strangers. From Corps boys home for the night handing out candy to Grandpa aged men in Aggie football shirts, Andrew enjoyed visiting. We went for about an hour until Andrew decided he ready to go eat some of his candy. Truth be told, I think he had just as much fun handing out candy at our friends house as he did actually trick-or-treating.

The Pumpkin Patch

No fall is complete in the Shields household without a trip to the pumpkin patch. So much fun! This year some good friends of ours told us about a pumpkin patch that has a maze made out of bales of hay. Here is out fearless, well almost fearless, leader as he enters the maze.
Once inside the maze, we encounter may scary things, like rats, bats, spiders, and other creepy crawlies that gave us a bit of a jump. But never fear, we made it out...with only 3 or 4 wrong turns.
Andrew and Ainsley had a big time looking at all the pumpkins. Andrew decided that this is the biggest pumpkin he had EVER seen. And he said it with that much emphasis as well. Josh is trying to decide which is bigger - Ainsley bow or the pumpkin. :)

Not only were there tons of neat pumpkins to look at, they had beautiful mums. Andrew quickly found out that they do not really smell.
I am sure the store appreciated me...the pushy mom staging all kinds of sites for pictures for her kids. Ainsley has quite curious as to what these big round orange things were...that and grabbing handfuls of mums to pull off the plants and eat.

You guessed the look on Ainsley's face, this was the last pictures of the day! We had a big time...even with Andrew taking us through the hay bale maze 47 times!