Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trick-or-Treat Day

What fun was had by all. Andrew knew it was Halloween and knew he got candy...somehow...but was not really sure still about the whole process. Here they are! Posed and ready to go. Andrew was not real keen on the green painted nose...he has a thing about face paint (go figure, I wonder where he gets that from), so it took some convincing. He was all for it when he heard Sister was too little to have her face painted, only big kids get that.
Off to beat the sidewalks! We have found one flaw with living in a College town. Our neighborhood is not very collegey, but we do have several houses on our block that are owned by students (well, really their parents). When Halloween is on a Friday night, not many of those college kids are home to trick-or-treat at! So no matter how cute of a frog you are, no candy there!
Sister was not really too worried about the situation. She has basically just along for the ride. No matter what time of the night it was, here is what Ainsley was doing.
Well, until too far into the night and she was tuckered...enough trick-or-treating for her.
Never fear though, we did find some houses! I babysat for a wonderful family during college, who still live here. We went to visit them and they walked through the neighborhood as we trick-or-treated around. This is really the first Halloween that Andrew has gotten into trick-or-treating. He did a good job, actually striking up several conversations with random strangers. From Corps boys home for the night handing out candy to Grandpa aged men in Aggie football shirts, Andrew enjoyed visiting. We went for about an hour until Andrew decided he ready to go eat some of his candy. Truth be told, I think he had just as much fun handing out candy at our friends house as he did actually trick-or-treating.


Susan said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, finally!:) They both looked really cute and look so much like each other. I love how she is laughing in that first picture.

Cindy said...

Those two little ones are just way too, too cute for words!! I can remember back when Sam was little she would not wear a Halloween costume ever, she was too scared!