Wednesday, November 5, 2008

All Kinds of Busy

It is so hard for me to believe, but our baby girl is already 6 months. It is amazing to me the personality they can develop in that short of time. She is such a bright spot in all of our days. Andrew sees her in the morning and declares, "There's our girl!" I think he loves her the most...he can not get enough of her and is just so excited that she is able to do more and play more! Here is her newest toy. It is a walker rocket ship that makes way fun noises and let's her scoot around (yes...I know they are not supposed to scoot around, but we have no staircases in our house and I am sure not to leave the cookware handle hanging over the stove top!). As you can see though, none of those features are what draws her to the is the poor star that get gnawed on 24/7.
This is her favorite spot...especially when her brother is sitting her eating his breakfast or lunch. As Andrew claims, she is "bothering" him! She loves this table and being under it is just the coolest thing for a 6 month old.
Another one of her favorites, my least favorite, is shoe strings. She will chew on the dirtiest, nastiest shoestring until you pull it away from her. I find her in our closet several times a day looking for her next tasty treat. YUCK-O!
Sitting...she has not yet mastered getting to this position on her own, but she can maintain it for a while once she's there! Not her favorite though...I think she is bored. She just looks at you like what now...are you just going to leave me here?
Another one of her new tricks is pulling up. As you can see her, it is not a pleasant time, but one of the first times she performed her new trick. She just makes it up to her knees, which was plenty far enough to constitute us having to lower her mattress.
Ainsley passed her 6 month check-up with flying colors. The only thing was she had another ear infection. Let me tell you what a good mama I am. I thought the ear infection/snotty nose was due to allergy or weather related stuff. They put her on some Omnicef, which Andrew had also been on and did not do real well with. It gave him awful diaper rash. Well, she got awful diaper rash also, which I attributed to the medicine. On Monday (Nov. 3) , Ainsley was playing with Andrew's fingers and sticks them in her mouth. He yells, "SHE HAS A TOOTH!" And sure enough...all the things I thought were weather/allergy related were actually tooth cutting related. Poor girl went through trauma and we were all oblivious! Yes...mother of the year award right here! All this to say Ainsley got her first tooth. It is on the lower, left front. Yeah!
So after the first tooth adventure on Monday, she starts to crawl on Tuesday! It has been a big week at our house. Ainsley has been inchworm scooting for about a month now, but she finally figured out how to get her arms into it! Such excitement...the whole house is now her domain!


Gammy Shields said...

What sweet pictures!!! They are so did that happen? I have to say your doing something right. We can't wait to see all of you during the Holidays. Give Mr. Andrew and Miss Ainsley a hug and Kiss from Poppy & Gammie. Love ya Bunches!!

Michelle said...

Wow--yall have had a busy week. Congratulations on the milestones. We missed yall today!

Cindy said...

Oh my goodness!! Look out world here she is on her way to greatness!!

Gena said...

You go girl! They are getting so big!

Janice said...

Ainsley and Boo have something in common - Boo loves to chew on shoe strings..... ;)