Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Big Day For Josh!

I have come to decide that after 30, birthdays are pretty well done. I mean really...who wants to admit one more year? All the important milestone birthdays are behind you and the next important one is like 65 when you can retire. Anyway, they are a reason to celebrate and eat cake. I am all for eating cake.

Gammie and Poppy (Josh's step-mom and Dad) were in town for this blessed event, Josh turning 32. We went to Texas Roadhouse for a celebratory steak. Who knew that they would put our boys on a saddle and have them imitate a chicken with 2 take out boxes for wings and 2 paper cups for a beak.

Like I said earlier...who wants to admit another year AND then get put on a saddle? But when your 5 year old son can take makes it all worth it!

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