Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Little Miss Turns 2!

This is where she started...

And this is where she is now...

And what a fun journey it has been. She is a true delight! (so is her brother, but this is about Ainsley!) :) Little Miss Ainsley is so full of life. She loves to laugh, play, anything princess (especially her princess toes), and being with her brother...whether that means playing chase with him, fighting over something with him, or playing baby with him. It is hard to not see her and immediately break out in a smile. She is just a cutie patootie who grabs your heart and runs with it. She certainly has all of us wrapped around her little finger, especially her Poppop and Poppy. She just has a thing for those two!

Also while we were in the Panhandle, we had a joint birthday for Ainsley and Jaekob (Josh's sister little girl...our niece). The girls are five days apart. The weather turned out beautiful, a bit windy, but we were just thankful it was not raining. To the park we went for a hot dog cookout and play, play, play!

We sure love this little Girlie Girl!

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Poppy and Gammie said...

and Poppy has a very special place in his heart for Miss Ainsley.