Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Aggies at the Bat!

What would spring time be without a bit of baseball...well, I would be alright skipping it, but my Dad loves him some baseball, so to the ballpark we went!
What a motley crew we keep company with, but they do look good all decked out in their Aggie maroon. No strollers at the ballpark, so Ainsley hitches a ride on Daddy's shoulders. To bad there's no room for me up there...

No baseball game is compete without a bag of salty peanuts to crack open, eat, and then throw the shells on the ground. And of course Poppop can not go alone to buy his goodies, the crew has to go with him.

We were playing Baylor and the Ags actually won the game...a feat not duplicated too many times this season. But when you got your Nana, Poppop, peanuts, and a coke...who cares what the score is. Life is pretty dang good!

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Cindy said...

Don't you just love it!!! A great time was had by all.

Mom Rohr