Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2 parties and a birthday!

I cannot believe it, but Andrew is 4 years old! He has grasped the change quite well, but I am still a bit in shock. What a 4 years it has been. We had 2 parties this in Canyon over Thanksgiving and another in College Station when we got back. Andrew had a great time at both and asked since he already had a 4 year birthday party in Canyon, would he be 5 years old at his birthday in College Station? Josh and I both grinned at his thinking, but reassured him he was still only 4.
Thanks to Tiffani R. and her wonderful ideas, we had a bike parade birthday party in College Station! What fun...the kiddos decorated their bikes with license plates, balloons, streamers, tin cans (which kept getting tangled in their back training wheels). They were decorated with sun glasses and party horns! It was quite a sight and the neighbors loved us! I think we could have stopped with the party horns and all would have been happy!
His cake was decorated to look like his invitation...well it was supposed to look like the invitation. I will keep practicing! I have learned that cake decorating has a bunch to do with the quality of tools you are working with.
Andrew's party in Canyon was a sports party. We played golf baseball...which was a hit with the birthday boy. He wanted to play every spare minute we had for the rest of the Thanksgiving holidays. For those who have never played, instead of hitting a baseball with a bat and then running, you hit a golf ball with your club and then run!
We also played a football version of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey! It was get the football between the goalposts for a field goal. This to was a hit, but the birthday boy was not very fond of the blindfold. He informed me that he could not see when it was on...go figure! Not too many things get by him these days.
Daddy helped more than he cared to, but we made him a baseball/basketball/golf ball (with dimples which you cannot see in the picture)/football cake. That was fun.

Safe to say we are partied out. Anytime we get in the car to run errands, Andrew asks if we are going back to the party store...we were there a lot! But thanks to all who came and helped make Andrew's birthday so special for him! He had a ball!!!

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