Friday, May 15, 2009


God writes the most perfect stories...and we get to live them out! No, they certainly do not always go the way we would have planned. No, they certainly do not come without hardship, trials, and troubling times. But, in the end, when one sits back and recounts, they are always full of growth, a gain of wisdom, and love for those who supported us and were used to guide us along...therefore composing the most perfect story!

In addition to Josh's graduation, we celebrated Ainsley's birthday one more time with our family up in Amarillo. While driving home from our big weekend, Josh and I reflected about the past year. Here are some of the highlights to our most perfect story:

1. It was a year ago Mother's Day weekend that we were in College Station buying a house. After redoing 2 houses in Amarillo/Canyon and then selling them after completing all the work, it was nice to have a house that was move-in ready! Praise God for Josh giving in to me and letting us buy a newer home.

2. Ainsley was just 4 weeks old when the move was complete. Now she is getting to be such a big girl. One chapter of her most perfect story ends and another begins. Ainsley is completely weaned from nursery (we made it a year!) and is now on sippie cups and whole milk. My baby is no longer a baby...that's another whole blog in itself!

3. Getting used to being 8 hours away from family that you were once less than 20 minutes from has taken some adjusting. It certainly makes you cherish and appreciate the time spent with them.

4. Andrew and Ainsley now have a babysitter who is not a family member. Her name is Margaret and I was her babysitter when I was at A&M. She was 3 when I started sitting for them and now she is a beautiful 17 year old! (that makes me feel OLD!). Margaret comes one night every other week so Josh and I can have a date it a date if you end up at Target EVERY time?
I won't bore you with any more of my reflections other than to say I am loving living out this most perfect story with the characters God has put in my chapters. May He continue to bless my story and yours as they continue to be written!

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Michelle said...

What a beautiful entry! I like your should share them more often! And you are so right-God does compose some pretty great 'stories'. :)