Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Girls

Whitney, Josh's sister, and I were due a week apart...each with a girl. Whitney went early and took my due date, having Jaekob on April 19th. I was glad someone got to use it since I always seem to deliver late. Ainsley came 5 days later on April 24th. Now that the girls are getting older, it is neat to see them play and interact with one another. I am not sure who has more fun...the girls playing together or us watching them. Based on the following video clip, the girls are actively looking for a manager to help them take their show on the road...coming to a city near you!


Michelle said...

Oh my gosh--that is so cute, and hilarious! They would make a great, cousin act. I would pay to see them!

Susan said...

I love it!! Too cute. I think that it is great that they enjoy playing with each other!