Saturday, February 13, 2010

Andrew the Laker

What fun, what fun! Andrew is now old enough to participate in the city league sports...and participating he is!!! What started out as a pretty slow season for him has turned into a wild fire. The boy is catching on. It took him until the 3rd game to score a basket, but in that game he made 6 (that would be the bottom, right-hand corner picture)! He can bring the ball down for his team (bottom, left-hand corner picture). He is quite the cheerleader, getting so excited when he or his teammates do something good (middle, left picture). One thing that has really clicked is playing defense (middle picture). He gets his arms up and is certainly not afraid to go after the ball...which led to him fouling out this past game. We just need to work on getting his aggressive streak under control! (To all those who grip at me about small pictures, to see them bigger, just click on the collage.) :)
I do have to say that Andrew has the most amazing coach...his Daddy! Josh is so patient, so sweet, and so good to try and teach these kiddos the fundamentals of basketball. Our team is 0-4-1. Not a great record. But from where they started, they have come a long way. It has been fun to watch these 8 kiddos begin to catch on to what is going on during the game and see them get fired up about being part of that. What started out as a pretty passive, non-aggressive, sit back and watch the other team, has blossomed into a much more get in there and get after it team.

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