Saturday, June 28, 2008

Its Not Just an Aggie Thing

Ok Y'All...I have to admit that I was wrong. There is a little website out there that I thought Josh used to spend WAY too much time on. Well, I got to looking at it and now I am hooked as well. TexAGs is not just for Aggies. Yah, Yah...there is a LOT of Aggie stuff on there, but if you click on forums and scroll down to the "General" and "Aggie Newtwork" sections, there is stuff for everyone. You can find out anything there! Its like having your own personal Ask Jeeves for your area. For instance, back in Canyon we had these little stand alone water jug refilling stations in random parking lots where you could refill your water gallon jugs for a quarter. I wanted to know if College Station had any. I posted the question in the B/CS forum and had 3 responses within minutes. One kind person even added the websites in with directions! Now that is service! There are links for all the major areas in Texas...even a Panhandle on for my Amarillo friends! You all should check it out. :)

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