Sunday, July 13, 2008

Getting Bigger Every Day

We started back to church about 3 weekends ago. Here is Little Miss in her Sunday best. I tried to get her brother in the picture, but his good clothes were off the second we walked in the door. She had some very cutie shoes our friend Amanda made for her, but they did not last long at church...neither did the bow for that matter, but we put it back on for the picture (and for her Poppop since we know how much he likes them :)).
I am not sure if Little Miss is getting a tooth or what the deal is. Please notice Gammy's is sopping wet. She drools like there is no tomorrow. And blow bubbles. This Girl can blow bubbles till the cows come home. I am not sure where all the spit comes from! Good thing she's cute, or I might be worried.
And smile...she smiles more and more every day. Her little legs get to kicking and her little arms get to swinging and she just laughs and laughs. Big brother cannot wait for her to get up one of these days and come out to play, not just sit in her stroller and watch. I think she is about ready for that day as well!
Here she is just a "talking" to her Daddy! One of many conversations to come...hopefully Daddy will be talking more than clicking in those. Who knows. Whatever works I guess!

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