Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Road Goes on Forever...

Well...we did it. We made our first trip back to the panhandle of Texas. What for you ask. What else than for Josh to play in a golf tournament with his high school buddy. We left Wednesday after work in the heat and humidity of the day only to arrived at 2:00 am. to the coolness of the panhandle evenings. Josh literally played golf all day everyday while the kids and I tried to visit and see all who we could visit and see. We couldn't go without hooking up with our park posse. Here is the motley crew...posing so mindfully foe the camera!
We also spent lots of time hanging out with our cousins. Andrew sure misses having them next door to play with. He certainly made up for lost time and got as much of them as he could!!!
What would be a visit to the panhandle without supper and games with the Shelleys...shoot their family in our books! We played Loaded Questions with them and the rest of the Davis and Brown clans. Very fun if you have never played...we would recommend it. And better yet, they entertained the two baby girls while we played! They are so good. :)
What goes better with playing and getting all sweaty...swimming. Both sets of grandparents have pools for us to swim in and boy did we take advantage. Check out the farmers tans on those two Shields boys. It is enough to blind ya! :)
And to top it off, we got to see the great-grandparents. Here is Andrew and Grandpa chewing the fat, solving all the world's problems. Pretty special times!
We did not have enough little time, so many people to visit. The trip was such fun, but as Andrew said on the way home, "I miss my house Mama!"

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Amanda said...

I am so sad that we missed you while you were in town! We had a really busy weekend, Garyn had an ear infection last week and I was getting sick also! We miss you guys!