Sunday, August 3, 2008

Andrew Update

Ok...a normal Sed rate is anywhere from 15 to 20. On Wednesday when we reran Andrew's blood work, his rate was a 23...down from 36 it had been the Wednesday before. The nurse assured me this was good news, but the doctor wants to rerun the blood work again this coming Wednesday to see if it is still coming down...hopefully into that normal range. The poor lab nurse who draws his blood has thick skin. Andrew now screams and bolts for the door as soon as she walks into our exam room. Once he calms down he really does a good job of sitting still and letting them stick him, but not a fun time at all. Please keep up the prayers. We will find out more this coming Wednesday!


Heather said...

Bless your hearts - we are praying for you guys!

Scott, Sara, & Sydney Nickson said...

Hang in there Andrew!