Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Golfin' We Will Go!!

Well...as you all know College Station is sunny the vast majority of the time and no one should be caught out on the golf course without her hat on. And what a hat it is...a pink satin Aggie hat! There is no guessing who this sweet little girls Daddy is now is there?
And as for Little Man, he loves the golf cart. Posed and ready to go...Mama would you hurry up and get in the cart! We got some golf to play today.
Josh tees it up and then drives down the fairway where he throws a ball out for Little Man at about 200 yards out. Then, the race is on, hit the ball...run...hit the ball...run. It is pretty cute to watch. As Josh gets out to putt, he takes Little Man's putter with him and they finish up the hole together. Andrew is the flag taker-outer and the flag puter-back-iner and then they walk off the green together.
Little Man will tell you that his favorite part of golf is hitting it at the green (only because that is his Daddy's favorite part), but honestly his favorite part is the water cooler and the ball washer. He manages to find those at every turn. But Mama, its hot out I need to dink some water! :)
Here is Little Misses and I...this is out most important job...the gallery. Every pairing should have their own personal gallery. We make sure the cart doesn't roll away or something like that!
The boys don't keep score...at least the little one doesn't. As he would tell you he just made a birdie...after 47 putts. When all is said and done, we have a big time on the course. I told Josh it will be his job to teach him his numbers 1 to 18! ;)


Nana Davis said...

She is so cute!! And, of course, Andrew is, too!

Michelle said...

Yall are such a cute family....and I swear, I pray that I have your legs in my next life!!