Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Andrew Update

Well...Little Man has done a great job with all his trips to the doctor for blood work. We did much more talking about this past trip and he was much more mentally and emotionally ready for it. He told me he would be brave...and brave he was. Normally it takes me holding him in my lap, a nurse to hold his arm making sure he does not bend it, and then the lab nurse to draw the blood. He informed the sweet lab nurse (who has been the same all 3 times of this) that he did not need the other nurse because he was going to be brave. He did great, didn't even start crying until the actual stick. She told us that anywhere between 0 and 20 was normal. His rate was a 13!!!! Praise God and thank you for all the prayers. They sure worked. Hopefully this was just a bacterial virus that never got out of his system until the mega shot of antibiotics we received in the ER...all $900 of it...that was just for the shot and some Tylenol. So expensive, but definitely worth it.

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Amanda said...

I am so glad that Andrew is doing well, and was so brave. I hope that everything else is going well. We miss you guys!