Sunday, July 13, 2008

Move Over Bob the Builder...

What an adventure. For those of you interested, Home Depot has a kids workshop the first Saturday of the month. Boy it sure is entertaining. More so for Andrew than Ainsley, she just hung out and observed...wondering what on Earth all that pounding was. Its kind of hard to see much from her angle.

The workshops are pretty neat. The kids get their own Home Depot orange apron, as modeled by Andrew below, on which they get to write their name and take home to bring back next month when we come again.These workshops are a mom-teacher's dream. The kits come with instructions the kiddos get to follow. The are a dad's dream because the spaces on the wood are pre-drilled for nail holes! Andrew had a big time finding which numbered instruction we just did, and which one comes next, and what pieces we needed, and where were the nails, and where was his hammer, and where was our wood glue we had to share with the girls next to us.
Here are the proud builders. Now all we need is a little bird seed and we have the perfect bird house. When we moved into our new house, we had a bird nest in a dead hanging planter on our back porch. The nest had 3 babies in it that we got to watch grow up and fly away. I think Andrew is hoping this will make a better home than a dead plant hanger. He put the bird house out on the back window sill hoping one of these days the birds will come back and make a new nest in his house.
"Look Sister, I made a bird house! Isn't it great."

Here is the crew in action. Please notice little man's tongue. Unfortunately he gets that from me. Apparently it helps our brains to concentrate better if our tongue is sticking out!

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