Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Girls Got Skills...

Well...the Girl has got some skills and the are a multiplying (a little "Grease" reference for ya!). Here is Ainsley newest and definitely most unattractive skill. She has found the roll of toilet paper. And boy is she good...she can spot the roll in any bathroom in about 2 seconds flat and before you know it the whole thing is pulled out. Not just pulled out, but shoved in her mouth! Safe to say we now have to keep the bathroom doors closed.
Let me tell you...her future us so bright, the Girl has got to wear shades. You would have thought Santa brought her some new sunglasses and not mama! It was hard to get them from her once she got them on. She was not fond of wearing them though as much as she was getting her finger prints ALL over the lenses.
No more just hanging out on the floor. She is a walking around thing woman. This is so much fun to watch. We keep our toys in toy tubs. She gets in there and picks stuff out until she finds just what she wants and then plop she back down on the floor chewing. That seems to be her favorite past time. With all her chewing, one would think all her teeth were in. Well, still only the bottom 2. Her top 4 look as if they could pop through on any day!
The greatest trick of all! Ainsley got a baby stroller from her Gammie and Poopy for Christmas. Any day now she will be strolling herself! And check out the wave...now if only we could get her to do it on the "Hello" or "good-bye" command!


Michelle said...

So cute! I love the toliet paper picture!

Susan said...

She is just too cute.... I can not wait to see her walk in person with her stroller. Such a big girl!!! And I LOVE the picture of her in the bathroom with all of the toilet paper!