Friday, January 23, 2009

To the Highest Bidder!

OK...let the bidding begin. This is our TV. A 50" Panasonic HD plasma and it is up for bid! Mama and Daddy Shields are no longer in the TV watching arena. The time is here...the light at the end of Josh's schooling tunnel is getting nearer. He is in his last semester of grad school and should walk this May. Josh is taking his last 2 classes, both online. One is an ethics class and one is a CPA exam review. Once the kids are in bed, our house is in quiet mode. I read and he studies. I enjoy it. There are 2 books, The Shack and Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters (I know I am the mom...but it is a good one), that I have been trying to finish. With a whole semester of this quiet evening time, I am sure to finish them. I did have to inform Josh that I am going to need more if any of you have some suggestions, I am open...and so is the bidding! :) Just kidding about the TV, but not about the book recommendations...send them on!

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Scott, Sara, and Sydney Nickson said...

Congrats to Josh on upcoming graduation. What an accomplishment. Sydney turns one in 2 weeks...crazy. Ainsley will be there before you know it!