Thursday, January 29, 2009

Such BIG Talk!

Andrew has started to take on some chores...not by his own desire mind you. One of those chores is to set the table for supper each night, that which we refer to as napkin duty. He begrudgingly tells me almost very night that he does not want to do napkin duty. Last night, instead of telling us how much he does not want to do napkin duty, he came up with an alternative solution.

Andrew: 'When I'm an grown-up and Ainsley is a kid, she can do napkin duty."

Josh: "What will you do?"

Andrew: "I'm going to go to work!"

Oh how little minds think big. I so wish that Josh and I were not laughing so hard that we could have continued to quiz him on this whole "work" issue! Gotta love the boy. :)

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