Monday, January 26, 2009

Onto 9 months!

Off to the doctor went today for Ainsley's 9 month check-up...if you can believe that one! She passed with flying colors...29 and a quarter inches tall (91st percentile), 17 pounds (14th percentile) and her big ole head 17 and a half inches in circumference (66th percentile). I guess I never realized that she has a big ole at least looks proportional (to me, but I am a bit biased). The doctor said no shots, but he did want to run a complete CBC on her. I do not remember this part when Andrew was 9 months. This meant drawing blood...on a 9 month old. Not a job that I would want. It took the lab tech 2 tries, one in each arm to finally find her little vein. Andrew hid around the corner so he did not have to watch (bad memories for him going through the same thing not too long ago) and I sat in the chair holding Little Miss as she screamed. Daddy owes me BIG! Anyway, we all survived and came home for a walk to the park. That makes everyone feel better!
Life with a 9 month old is such fun. Ainsley is right in the middle of it all and loves being there! She helps her brother put the silverware away as we empty the dishwasher. Ainsley pulls the silverware out, raises it in the air, Andrew grabs it and puts it in the drawer. If Andrew's timing is the slightest bit off, Ainsley drops the silverware on the floor and moves on to the next piece. She's kind of like a conveyor belt gone bad. Also, Andrew enjoys pushing her in her swing at the park. It is just neat to see a relationship forming between the 2 of the times when my camera is not the least bit accessible. I am trying to get all this on the camera so I can show them in 10 years that they were really kind to one another at one point in their lifetimes!


Melissa said...

Growing up so fast! She is getting more beautiful every day.

Susan said...

I love the top picture! So sweet...

I am so sorry she had to go through that for them to get blood. Oh how I can relate!!! Give her a BIG hug for me!