Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Movin on Up!

This is Ainsley a good portion of the time...mouth opened and pushing her baby at a mach 1 pace around the living room. She has not mastered steering, but she has gotten better at the walking part. Keeping up with her brother and doing a bit of her own terrorizing seems to drive her to walk and keep up. Heaven forbid if she were to miss something with him! Her baby stroller has done wonders for her and getting her legs ready and revved up for taking steps on her own!

We lay our crawling Ainsley down for nap and she gets up a walking Ainsley. On Thursday, Josh was home, off from work due to Spring Break. He gets her up from her nap and brings her into our bedroom where I was on the computer. He puts her down against a cedar chest we have and she walks over to me at the computer...about 5 or 6 steps for her!!! Fabulous, until we get the camera out and she acts like we are crazy people wanting her to walk.

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Susan said...

She is doing so good on her walking! I am so proud of her! That poor little leg just gave out on her. It won't be too long until she is running with the big kids!