Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Smile Moments"

I know you are not supposed to laugh at your kids, but they are just to precious and sweet sometimes, that I cannot help but smile! For instance, I know every morning when I go to get Ainsley out of her crib, her hair is going to by crazily sticking up in ALL just has to smile. When Ainsley crumples up her little face, closes her eyes, and snorts at you completely expecting you to make the same face in just has to smile. When she puts her slobbery mouth on your skin and blows a zurbert on you...regardless of all the spit now on you, one just has to smile.

Andrew got this accordion for his birthday...and it falls under the gift that keeps on giving category. Every child that comes over and sees it just has to play a moth to a flame. Let me tell you, this thing is LOUD and it really works. (I know all of you with kids are secretly wishing yours too had an accordion. Thanks Gammie and Poppy! :) ). For all of its obnoxiousness, it just makes me smile to see him play it. Also, when you send Andrew into his room to get his shoes on and he comes out with tall socks and flip-flops (he thinks this looks good!) just has to smile. When Andrew purposely falls off his bike to make sure his helmet is just has to smile!

The list goes on and on, but what I have decided today is that these precious moments (sorry for the cliche) are truly gifts from God! My prayer tonight would be that God would shower and bless each and everyone of us with an overabundance of these "smile moments". I hope by sharing some of mine, it brings to mind some of your smile moments and makes you smile too!

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