Thursday, March 5, 2009

Who Needs a Gym!

Well...after falling off the work-out bandwagon over the holidays (yes, I realize the holidays were quite sometime ago), I have decided to get back on and have been for a couple of weeks now. They just put in a new Snap Fitness down the road from us. You know they type of place: open 24 hours, pay by the month, no high maintenance! Sounds great, and I thought seriously about joining. Then I thought for a minute and realized, I know myself. I would go for one week and then quit. Even though this gym tries its best to be low maintenance for its members, it still is for me! I can easily come up with 1 million excuse in 2 seconds flat to talk myself out of going. So, I needed something else, and I found it!!!
We get Fit TV with Direct TV...I think its channel 261 for all those interested. You should check it out. They have about 1,000 different shows for all types of workouts. I am a big fan of In Shape with Sharon Mann. She is a bit on the bubbly side as I am gasping and sucking in air, but she kicks my hiney EVERY time. I love it. I just tape a few of her shows and another guy named Gilad, once again a bit cheesy, and rotate episodes and workouts throughout the week! No gym or excuses necessary.

For some reason, Andrew likes to watch me when I workout. I would just assume that no one, even God, see me. For some reason I am not coordinated enough to get my arms AND my legs moving like Sharon or Gilad. Graceful aerobics is not one of my gifts! Think of Elaine dancing on Seinfeld...that's pretty close to me and aerobics! With that said, Andrew still likes to be in there with me. He and I talked about it last night. I told him he was not allowed to laugh at me no matter how silly Mama looked. He informed me, "Mama, I would never, ever, ever laugh at you. That's not nice!" I just had to scoop him up and kiss him for that! And, he never laughed once. He does try to ask 2 trillion questions as I am gasping for air. Safe to say many of them go unanswered, but I think he understands why! :)

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