Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Monkey Man...Really!

The weather here has been very spring-like, so therefore Andrew has been playing a lot out on his backyard play set. In keeping himself entertained, he has learned a new trick. He climbs up the slide about halfway and then reaches for the tree, in which he then grabs and hangs or swings around like a monkey. Here is a pictorial procession of what I see from the patio as he is yelling, "Mama...come watch me!" Step #1: start at the bottom of the slide and climb up to curve in the slide. Step to the edge of the slide and reach for the tree!
Step #2: swing your legs around, try to climb up the branch, or just hang for a bit.
Step #3: fall and yell like a crazy man!
After my heart stops racing, he really is monkey-like. He has fallen one time and landed pretty good on his back shoulder blade...but like any thing else, he got up and tried it again after some prodding from me. The fall did scare him and slow him down for about 2 minutes, but that was short lived. Every now and then he will yell, "Help! Help!" We have tried to explain to him about the boy who cried wolf. Of course he thinks its fun, but we have convinced him that Mama and Daddy don't!


Melissa said...

Boys like to scare their moms! Mine have been doing something similar, but they climb up on their bikes to get into the tree.

Susan said...

Very much a monkey! He must have a little monkey in him a little! :)