Saturday, March 7, 2009

Movin' Right Along!

That she is. This picture is a common site around our house these days. Ainsley has started trying to roll. As you can see, she bends over, puts her little hiney in the air, her little head on the ground, and waits for someone to roll her over. I am not quite sure where she learned this, but she loves it...and so does her brother. Andrew thinks her rolling is great and feels he needs to join in. I will tell you that there have been several near collisions, but neither roller is worse for the wear.
In addition to her trying to roll, Ainsley is in the beginning stages of trying to walk...not the most stable yet, but she is sure trying to get places! She is constantly walking along or around things and has ventured to take a step or two. Life is about to change with two completely mobile little ones. With a bit more practice and a smidge more self-confidence, this girl should have it in no time!


Nana Davis said...

Too cute!! And getting big entirely too quickly! Love you guys!

Scott, Sara, and Sydney Nickson said...

She is darling! Too bad (for Ainsley's sake) A&M doesn't have cheerleaders (give me a break, dance team).

Susan said...

I can not wait to see her walking around soon.... I know it will be just a matter of time until she is running with her brother, Emily and Luke! Fun times are ahead!