Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ainsley's New Found Freedom!

With her walking feet under her, Ainsley is now able to entertain herself at outings. At soccer, she found the cones that were not being used at that point in time and made them hers!

Also,she decided that my chair was her chew toy/"I don't like where Mommy put this so I am going to move it" toy. I will say that she has a mind of her own! If she thinks something is not quite as it should be, she takes over and fixes it. In this case, my chair apparently should have been closer to the tree!
At my sister's house, Ainsley discovered stairs and the fact that she can climb them. When no one was looking, she would sneak off and climb a few!

Her new found independence is so fun to watch! She is finding new things everyday, which bring more smiles and laughter for all of us! With her walking legs going for about 2 weeks now, she is getting more and more confident, even attempting a bit of running...from her brother of course!

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