Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Easter

What fun, what fun! The Easter Bunny came several times to our house. Andrew and Ainsley received wonderful packages from their loved ones in the Panhandle to kick off the festivities. One box was bigger than Ainsley and she was fascinated by it. They LOVE getting packages. They sit on the kitchen floor and play with all the goodies for what seems like hours!

A grand morning of egg hunting was had by all even the littlest one. We headed to San Antonio to spend Easter with my family. The weather was rainy, so we hunted inside. That did not seem to bother the hunters one bit. Jasmine and Andrew were old hat at the egg hunting process, so they took off. Ainsley was a bit unsure at first, but caught one quickly to the whole find an egg, then put it in your basket thing. The Easter Bunny put Gerber Graduate Puffs in her eggs, so she was on a mission to find them and chow down.

Andrew's eggs were filled with either candy, money, or riddles. It is becoming a family tradition to leave riddles masking the location of a larger surprise. Solve the riddle and one will have the location of your treat. He loves these and was so surprised to find a new "Spiderman Bad Guy", a race car track, learning workbooks (which he loves by the way...not just a "Oh, your mom's a teacher" gift), and Yahtzee Jr. What fun, what fun!

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