Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Mover and a Shaker!

Ainsley is a world traveler and explorer these days. She is not at all content to stay in one place...which is not always fun for the mama! She loves to look out the window, when really she would much rather be outside playing...but this day was a bit cool, so the window had to do.
We pulled Andrew's "door" out of the attic and cleaned it up. Ainsley loves it...and so does Andrew. They both enjoy playing with it and answering the doorbell for one another.
She found the 4th of July twirly-whirls and just had to put them on. I tried to tell her she was a bit early, but she would not hear of it. Surprisingly, she left them on for quite some time. Now, we have to put them up because she found they make a fun chew toy.
AINSLEY IS NOW A WALKING MAMA and has been for about 2 weeks now! She has finally got her feet under her and her legs a movin. You all know the new baby walk...the peg-legged leg action with the arms up by the ears for balance. Well, we are there! She loves being mobile and so does Andrew. Now he chases her around the house while she screams and runs from him! I love can bring a smile to any ones face.

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