Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fun in the Sand

Out of the blue, Andrew reminded Josh last week that he had not put in the sandbox that was promised to him several months ago. He was correct! So, feeling extremely guilty, we got right on it and put the sandbox in last weekend! After a good spray of Roundup and some elbow grease, we cleared the grass and got things ready for the 600 pounds of sand we got at Lowe's. For as fine as this sand is, man it sure is heavy!!! Andrew LOVES it to say the least and will stay in and play all day if given the opportunity!
Ainsley is now an outdoors girl. No longer are the days she would just sit at the window and watch Andrew play outside. She pushed on the screen so much in one particular window that it is now permanently bent. Ainsley will stand at the back door and squawk until you let her out, like a little puppy, to go play with her brother. She gets more grass stains then Andrew does!
There are many things that keep this boy busy. Certainly playing with his now mobile sister tops the list, but she does slow him down or slobber all over that which he is choosing to play with and then she's out of there! K'Nex are also high on his list. He loves to build the creatures the instructions show him how to make, but he loves to create his own little monsters and then tell you all about them. The teacher in me loves how good this is for his imagination. He used to be hesitant to build them on his own and was always asking Josh to help him, but now he grabs the instruction book and builds them all by himself. This one is a dog he copied from the book!

They grow up so fast!

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