Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally Our Prayers Are Answered!

Well, after several grueling months, my parents are living back under the same roof in Palestine, TX. As most of you know, my dad lost his job last June. He found a job as head of food services for Crockett ISD. His new job started this past August, right before the new school year. He is doing a great job and is enjoying being back in operations, but my mom was still in Dallas. Mom took a job in the baby room of a local day care by their house. She got to play with 8 babies, her and another lady, all day long...a Nana's dream come true...while waiting for their house to sell. The fall came and went, the holidays came and went, and then spring arrived, all the while praying that God would bring them a buyer and get the new show on the road! Well, He finally did. In what was a huge domino effect, their buyer's buyer got their house closed, which allowed their buyer to get his house closed, which then allowed the buyer to close on my parent's house, and then for my parents to close on the house they found. Whew! Their new house is a neat old house in the Historical District of Palestine, just up the road from a great new park.
There is one huge piece of jungle gym for 7 to 12 year olds. Andrew, the 4 year old, LOVED it...especially these "monkey bars" that spin around as you cross them!
Ainsley loves to swing. There were also mini jungle gyms for the little ones. We had a hard time getting her off of them. The knees on her little pink pants showed just how much fun she had. Thank goodness for Spray-N-Wash!
Who can resist a slide ride with your brother. Ainsley would go down 100 times if Andrew would stay content that long.
We went and spent the weekend, helping where we could! It was fun. Small town life certainly seems to be something my parents are enjoying, not missing the hub-bub of the big city!

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