Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Aggieland has Its Perks

God smiled on us last week! In Andrew's Pee-Wee basketball group, one of the moms of another little boy works with the Aggie Women's basketball team. She apparently was telling Coach Blair (the Aggie Women's head coach) about what all was going on in Pee-Wee basketball. He decided to give all the Pee-Wees and their families tickets to the rest of the Aggie Women's home games. We were so excited!!! So far we have seen the Aggie Women beat Nebraska and Colorado. They play the t-sips this Saturday and then have Oklahoma and Oklahoma State left. It should be an interesting and exciting finish to the home season!!!
Here we are at the game. All that Coach Blair asked in exchange for our free tickets, the kids were to wear their Pee-Wee basketball shirts! A big time was had by all!
Ainsley particularly likes to dance along with the music they play during timeouts! Andrew and I enjoying yelling "AGGIE'S BALL" along with the announcer when there is a turn-over on the court. It is a fun environment to be in. The Aggie Women have a good team, so that makes the games even more enjoyable to go and watch!
February is breast cancer awareness month. All month, in spreading awareness, Ags have been wearing pink to the games. Also, for you non-Aggie fans, we have a yell (remember Aggie's don't do cheers, we do yells) that is "beat the hell out of..." and we replace the ... with whomever we are playing. Well, some good Ags made a pink t-shirt that says BTHO (short for beat the hell out of) Breast Cancer. They are selling them and then donating the money. If you look closely in this picture, the Aggie's players are wearing these pink BTHO Breast Cancer t-shirts. They also have new uniforms that sport pink trim instead of maroon! This particular game was also on Valentine's Day, so the pink was extra neat.


Susan said...

I am so impressed that Ainsley will sit during a bball game and she looks happy on top of it!!

I think that the pink uniforms are so cool looking!! What a neat thing for them to do!

Poppy and Gammy Shields said...

What a great picture but sure would like to see some pictures of Mommy.