Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some More Firsts!

Emptying the dishwasher, pulling everything out of a cabinet, another new tooth (on the bottom), and clapping can now be added to Miss Ainsley's resume. She is a women on a mission to do just about everything her brother does. It may drive him crazy, but that only seems to spur her on more! Except the helping with the dishes...Andrew does not seem to mind the help and he referees her putting them all in her mouth before they get put away.
No cabinet door is safe...she can get them all. This particular one is her favorite because it has all the plastic dishes. Also, this is the one I will actually let her play in.
This would would be the bad conveyor belt I was talking about a couple of days ago. Ainsley does not monitor how fast Andrew can get the silverware in the drawer. She just know that she wants to help. Now in this video, if he does not keep up, notice how many end up in her mouth. The other day, if he did not keep up, she dropped them on the floor over her head. Quite comical to just sit back and watch!
I do have to say that this would be her sweetest new trick. Each morning when I go to get her out of bed or when I go to get her up from a nap, this is what I am greeted to as she is sitting in her crib. On of these days I will remember to not turn the camera...sorry!

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Janice said...

make sure you save the picture of them with the dishwasher. you can show it to them when they are teenagers and say "see - yall used to love doing this!"