Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Josh!

Today my sweet, loving, devoted husband turns 31. Not a monumental birthday. Not a real memorable, for-the-books birthday. With that said, I want him to know how much I love him and truly admire the man, husband, and father that he is. Josh has so many attributes that others strive for and fall short. Patient, faithful, deliberate, loving, hard-working, full of integrity, knowledgeable, fun...the list goes on and on. What a honor it is to call him husband! If only everyone could see the look in Andrew's eye when he hears that garage door go up, knowing Daddy is home from work. Words can't describe. My cup over flows!
Josh and Andrew's first picture together.
Our first year of huddles and their pumpkin carving contest!
Josh and the boys, senior year at A&M, playing basketball at the Rec Center!

Josh on the bridge crossing the 18th fairway at St. Andrew's in Scotland.
Josh, 3 years old, or wait...is that Andrew?
Josh's 3rd birthday...check out that collar!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday Josh!!! I loved the pictures! I can not believe how much Josh's baby pictures look identical to Andrew. It is scary how they look so much alike.

Looking forward to celebrating his birthday on Sat. :)

Michelle said...

We are happy that Adelyn will forever share her special day with such a great guy. And what an awesome entry--great tribute!