Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Man With Many Faces!

I was on the computer going through our way to many pictures, and got tickled at all the different looks Andrew has worn in his 4 short years. Here are some examples:

Aqua man: shark goggles and all. / Spider man: a gift from his newborn sister.

Home Depot Builder: watch the fingers / Picasso: paintings still available!

Rockin' Guitar Hero / Mr. Shark: this kit came from story time!

Frogger: no bugs, just candy / Batman: whose the man in the mask?

Mr. Basketball: no autographs please. / Mr. Amateur PGA

All this fun in 4 short years...whose to say what we have in store the next 4 years. I do know this, Andrew is sure to keep us busy. He loves all things sports and cannot wait to play them all on big boy teams. After basketball comes golf, then soccer, then baseball. He so wants to play football. I have tried to tell him the only position I will let play is the kicker...they seem to get get hurt the least. He has informed me that, "NO way...not the kicker. I want to be the touchdown maker!" Not sure which position that is, but what fun we have to look forward to!

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