Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bye-Bye Basketball!

Pee-Wee basketball is officially over. Tuesday was Andrew's last day. Here is the star, himself, and his sacred certificate!
As you can see, there was a pretty good size group. To be honest, the last night was the most full of any of the nights. Andrew is three to the right of the adult in the middle of the back row.
This is like picture 49 of 200 that the kids posed for. Andrew's "cheese" smile was definitely out in full force. Getting that many kids to smile and cooperate for pictures was no small task.
What a treat they had for the kids on their last day at basketball! Four of the Aggie Women's basketball team were there to work with the kids. They each took a station and led the kids through the drills. Andrew thought it was great, but turned into a puddle of shy mush when he had opportunities to speak to them.
Andrew really did improve his skills. He shoots with his Little Tykes basketball goal every day in the driveway; practices dribbling constantly (even though it drives his mama crazy when he does it in the house); and bounce, chest, and overhead passes the ball to Daddy almost every night (in the living room, mind you, but nothing has been broken up to this point).

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Poppy and Gammy Shields said...

We are so proud of that little man!!