Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Season is Upon Us!

Well...the gang is back! We actually got 5 season tickets this year...whew! With my little family back in Aggieland, my dad decided to join us again for the games. My parents now live in Palestine, so they brave the 2 hour drive over and stay with us each home game weekend. My mom agreed to watch Ainsley for us (and boy did that take some arm twisting :)), so I get to resume my spot at Kyle Field also. Every home game one will find Josh, Andrew, Janice, my dad, and myself ascending the climb to the top of the zone (and let me tell you it is a CLIMB now!) to cheer on our beloved Aggies.
I will be the first admit, our beloved Aggies did not have the best of seasons. Josh has continually reassured me that we are "in the building years" for the Sherman coaching era here in College Station. Well, whatever "era" we are in, I just enjoy getting to be with my 3 main husband, my son, and my dad! Top that off with my dear friend Janice and what more could a girl ask for?

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