Friday, January 8, 2010

Trick-or-Treat 2009

We have had a time of it health wise...but Andrew is back on his feet and ready to go! A trick-or-treating we went. Ainsley is still a bit oblivious to the whole concept of dressing up, going out, and asking strangers for candy, so we left her home with my dad and Josh, Nana, Andrew, and I set out.

Our street is a bit non-holidayish, so we went to a couple of houses and then headed to our dear friends neighborhood to actually do the heavy duty door knocking! Regardless, Andrew was done about at about house number 4. He wanted to go back and help hand out the candy. Andrew is not a real big sweets eater, but I am, so I selfishly prodded the boy along to fill up his pumpkin with goodies! (certainly added me to the mom of the year list :)). Anyway, we knocked a couple more doors and then went back for homemade apple pie and good fellowship. A super night all around.

When Ainsley was feeling better, a couple days after Halloween, I had the kids dress back up and pose for the traditional shot. Please ignore the mold that is already growing on our pumpkins. It is a bit humid down here and they were starting to show it!

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